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        Featuring Arya & Everyone Else's Feelings written by Kelsey Fox Bennett Boyd and illustrated by Louie Chin.
Arya & Everyone Else's Feelings Book Cover

Empathy is a beautiful gift.

But the feelings of others can get heavy and it's not our job to carry them.

Arya & Everyone Else’s Feelings is a magical story set in a diverse city neighborhood that teaches a tangible tool to help kids come back to their bodies, release the weight of other people’s feelings, and feel safe as they navigate a sometimes overwhelming world.

Perfect for sensitive kids and their grownups! 

Advance Praise

What an absolute treasure! “Arya & Everyone Else’s Feelings” beautifully communicates the meaning, practical function, and critical importance of empathy, self-advocacy, self-soothing, and boundaries. So many young readers (and their grownups) will benefit from this book.

Rebekah Borucki, President of Row House Publishing & Author of Books for Big & Little Readers

Kelsey is both a mother and an expert in mental-emotional wellness so it makes perfect sense she created this gem of a book that is both educational and heartfelt.

Kyle Gray, Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author of Angel Numbers & Raise Your Vibration

A sweetly illustrated guide to setting boundaries for budding empaths.

Daniel Kibblesmith, Emmy Nomindated Television Writer & Author of Princess Dinosaur Santa’s Husband

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A Look Inside

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Arya in her neighborhood.Arya laughs with Sasha.Arya and her dad sit on the couch.Arya imagines her protection animals.Arya hugs her dad.

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